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2300 nw 7th Avenue

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Established in 1994, ClubFlyers.com has been a true visionary in the field of online printing. We were among the very first to accept print orders digitally and were one of the very first printing companies to launch an e-commerce website dedicated to servicing nationwide print buyers. As a result of being the founding fathers of the online printing community, we have continually set the standard in the field of online commercial printing in the United States. Our in-house printing capabilities boast the best technology available in the industry. Our recently completed equipment overhaul includes Heidelberg 5 and 6 color Speedmasters with in-line UV coating, state-of-the-art direct-to-plate systems along with over 50,000 square feet of production facilities. We are a proud Heidelberg Showcase Facility and one of a handful companies in North America with in-line UV Heidelberg presses. From our creative services department to our pressroom, clubflyers.com has earned its reputation of quality, reliability and integrity for close to two decades.

If you happen to be in the Miami area, we welcome you to stop by and tour our plants so you can see firsthand what our company is all about. We take pride in maintaining an energetic and progressive workplace and we feel it is reflected positively in the quality of the work we produce every day.

Quality is not an overused word at ClubFlyers.com. In fact, continuous quality improvement is a way of life in our company. We put our reputation and years of dedication into every single job that passes through our presses. Our staff, on all levels, is continuously trained on the newest processes and technologies. Quality improvement begins with our staff, but we as a company recognize the need to furnish our people with the best and most up to date equipment on the market. This fusion of human and capital investments is the fiber that makes up ClubFlyers.com.
The ClubFlyers.com brand is undisputedly one of the experts in the field of online printing. As a result, we know that expectations are high. Our goal is to act as true partner with our customers and help them expand and grow their business through the use of our services. In doing so, we maintain our position as true originals in this industry.
"ClubFlyers.com is encouraging the addition of the term ".com" to their name. It's the "ClubFlyers.com brand" of printing; clubflyers being the generic term. They clearly spent plenty of energy to define the category and protect their brand name. This should serve as a good example to start-ups out there who think they want their name to become synonymous with a product. It's a good problem to have in the beginning. But it's also a problem you never want to have once you're on top!"
- Michael Mallor, Author, "Online Heroes, Wiley Publishing, 2008"

Many other online printing companies sell "clubflyers." A word that we invented almost two decades ago has been co-opted by the printing industry as well as pop culture at large. Just like Xerox and Kleenex before us, we face challenges in trying to preserve the integrity of our brand name and our product. Make no mistake, ClubFlyers.com is the inventor of the "clubflyer" and our product is far superior than everything else on the market. We encourage you to take advantage of the years spent fine tuning our craft and promote your brand with the true clubflyers.