Setting up Spot UV files for print

Step 1

Submit four separate files.
1. Front.jpg (Artwork Front)
2. Front_Spot.jpg (Spot UV Front)
3. Back.jpg (Artwork Back)
4. Back_Spot.jpg (Spot UV Back)



Step 2

When setting up file 2. Front_Spot.jpg (Spot UV Front) & 4. Back_Spot.jpg (Spot UV Back) gloss areas should be Solid white and matte areas should be Solid black. A good way to remember is: Black = Matte



Step 3

Proper file naming conventions are very important to ensure that the Spot UV lines up properly. For example if submitting Jpeg files you would name them:  1. Front.jpg    2. Front_Spot.jpg   3. Back.jpg   4. Back_Spot.jpg





Spot UV can be used in a number of ways, such as highlighting type, an image/design element, or as a watermark or “blind” hit where there is no actual image behind the gloss.


Below are several examples of how to incorporte Spot UV into your design.