3Sixty Saturdays at Club 609 in Coconut Grove

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Digital  Client Club 609 <
Artwork Details Date Created 03/ 07/2001  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 4.5x3 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  1350x900  File Size  4.34 MB
Category Bars Lounges  Club 609  Coconut Grove  Electronic Dance  Florida  Flyer Printing  Hip Hop  Nightclub  Trendy  Urban 
Tags etc  miami  spanish  tony tone  r  b  alex gutierrez  3342 virginia street  coconut grove  florida  carlos garcia  josh dos santos  abstract  open bar 1o  hip hop  saturdays  carlos caldera  saul delgado  george papadellis  manny fresh  leo abea  rick pi  robert arean  frank hernandez  derrick orosa  reggae  def  latin rock  oo to 11  3o  sneakers  305.444.6096  digital  no hats  club 609  s a t u r d a y s  eddy guerra  jeans  attitude  bad hairdo's  bryan darias  danny estevez  club609.com  3sixty  club.609.room  whiskey.lounge.room  worldbeats  miguel gonzalez  21 guys 19 girls  proper id strictly required  dress code at doorstaff's discretion  for more information or vip table reservations call  4.5 x 3  geometric  barcode  measurements  three sixty 
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Front Body Copy carlos caldera bryan darias saul delgado danny estevez george papadellis carlos garcia josh dos santos frank hernandez robert arean manny fresh leo abea derrick orosa rick pi eddy guerra club609.com 3SIXTY s a t u r d a y s
Back Body Copy 3SIXTY saturdays open bar 1o:oo to 11:3o club.609.room .. hip hop/r & b/reggae . tony tone def whiskey.lounge.room .. worldbeats/latin rock/spanish . miguel gonzalez alex gutierrez 21 guys 19 girls proper ID STRICTLY required dress code at doorstaff's discretion (no hats, jeans, sneakers, attitude, bad hairdo's, etc.. 3342 virginia street . coconut grove for more information or vip table reservations call 305 444 6096) s a t u r d a y s club609.com
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