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Make Images Pop

When Spot UV is used to highlight your images, they come
to life. Give your printing depth and texture so your pictures
really come off the page. Spot UV can give your printing the
extra pop of detail that gets noticed.

Highlight Text & Logos

Spot UV makes your branding stand out
as the focal point of your printing.
Draw attention to the details
that matter.

Blind Hit

Spot UV can be used to create a “blind hit” which leaves a
watermark effect on your print, creating a pattern or
text where there is no actual image behind the
UV gloss. This is ideal as a decorative design
element to enhance your logo.

File Setup For Print

Spot UV can be used in a number of ways, such as highlighting type, an image/design element, or as a watermark. Use the tips below to achieve the best results.

Submit 4 Files

  • 1. Front (Artwork Front)
  • 2. Front_Spot (Spot UV Front)
  • 3. Back (Artwork Back)
  • 4. Back_Spot (Spot UV Back)

*Files must follow the naming conventions above.

Spot File Setup

Each Spot file is set up in black and white only. The black represents the matte (dull) section and the white epresents the glossy UV Coating.

  • White = Gloss
  • Black = Matte


It helps to create the spot files from the original design file. The Spot Uv lines up perfectly this way.

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