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Tags invitation  miami  2  01  5  11  m  florida  s  00  fax  a  p  1  postcard 1  postcard 2  4  75  8  25  folding  e  full page  the world  or  please  0  invitations  inc  50  advertising  design  printing  4 page  3 page  scoring  lighting  sound  birthday parties  account executive  television  cash  posters  company  south america  re  quality  musicians  will  shows  bartenders  marketing  together  our  products  workshops  208  in advance  video  bi  graduations  management  weddings  000.001.0000  note  photography  vans  flyers  concerts  graphic design  suite  presentation  convention  our mission  to provide our clients with the services and insights they need to  sustain a valuable competitive advantage  our vision  to enable our people to produce creative  unique and indispensable  services that will be actively sought by our clients  we will be  respected and admired for the way we work and be seen by  everyone to have always impacted the bottom line  our values  q u a l i t y  we can be relied upon  by our clients to provide the quality of  services and products they demand  a c c o m p l i s h m e n t  we value and strive on success and the accomplishments we set forth  the premier north american company has developed  a revolutionary concept in professional services  the company  operates a full service firm that caters to all business markets  and the general public  with an emphasis to provide a complete  range of services  business concept centers on a  network of research analyst  specialists and account  executives that work to assist clients with solutions to their  needs  is a firm continuously working to increase  profitability and reputation of any business  the name  aggressive  comes from the idea of being the most driven to  succeed  a vigorous approach that puts small businesses on  the map and impacts the bottom line of large companies  provides clients with the advantage of having a wide  variety of services performed from all different types and  classifications  clients are granted the ability to accomplish  all of their objectives simply by contacting an  the representative will adhere to the  request of the client and produce the necessary service  from company festivities to coordination of press conferences  or banquet events  not to mention our complete  incomparable  graphics design  printing division  engaging in a business relationship with  is an experience  in quality  precision  detail and velocity  as a company  we complete each assignment with the highest level of creativity  latest cutting edge technology  certain of our clients have  described our organization as  the complete services company  the creative force in a new era  services on demand  serving north america  00001 01 01  010.000.0000  010.000.0001  000.000.1000  000.001.1111  1700 sw 57 avenue  fl 33155  toll free  866.817.2159  305.267.2330  305.267.5330  choose your service  the emphasis of this division is  full color glossy printing on 10 pt card stock  on both sides  business cards  x 3  8th page  x 8  6th page  x 5  half page  x 6  x 7  x11  or 5  x 17  tri  fold brochures  x 11  uv lamination  text paper  stickers  glossy  non glossy  event coordination division  business development division  increase sales  branding  corporate identity  patents  trademarks  copyrights  creative direction  in the world of business  professional services  is key  from business cards to cd business cards  create your most impressive brochure  pamphlets  catalogs  cd covers  letter heads  legal forms  business forms  illustrations and any  medium requiring a creative edge in design  success  leading businesses to  the road of success  results driven systemcreation of your company logo  imageprotecting your logo  slogan or conceptcreation of your print  radio advertising campaigns your message of services or products will be delivered to the  audiences involved  fully illustrated marketing  business plans  venture capital  loan proposals  mini plans  mortgages  financing  consulting  creation of unique business  concepts  translation services  direct mailing  promotional  wisdom  this unit works to  provide companies and larger organizations an addition to the  world of  know how  mergers  acquisitions  protective private  public sector security  comprehensive background investigations  organization  structure  restructure  marketing partnerships  advertising professional packages  fullfillment  research  analysis  strategic planning  implementation programs  retail sales and distribution development telemarketing  teleservices programs  we design  coordinate  produce any event in any part of  exactly how you envisioned it to be  grand openings  inaugurations  press releases  conferences  corporate picnics  luncheons  award banquet  ceremonies  galas  receptions  seminars  holiday festivities  presentations  film premieres  music record release parties  guest speakers  anniversaries  fifteens  bar mitzvah  prom  homecomings  private parties  special occasions  amusement rides  carnivals  fund raisers  celebrity appearances  transportation services  limousines  tour buses  jets  helicopters  arbor  landscape service  interior  exterior design  catering  flyer distribution teams  disk jockeys  radio commercials  waitresses  custodial clean up teams  we are set to create professional conferences  workshops within  various target markets  industries to bring sellers  buyers  to the table  such events  will engage the participation  of industry leaders to the forefront of in  depth and compelling  event types  payment terms  all services provided  require fifty percent of the total balance  before any service order is processed  check  all major credit cards accepted  make checks payable to  amp  aggressive marketing  quality is the important aspect to any service or  product and presentation is the main deciding factor of success  all quotes  consultations are complimentary  confidential  p is accessible to all its clients 24 hrs a day  7 days a week  and at your disposal to perform  specializations to events  advanced business division  creative  ad writing  any printed material with our creeated  results  driven slogan  pitch  or text stratigy  visit our home on the world wide web  send us a quick email  ampjobs  complete web development  your most impressive home on the world wide web  basic web design  5 page site averageall flash  commerce solutionsactive server packages vary  amp private events  16 x 9  grid  gears  handshake  keyboard 
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