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Tags circle  restaurant  free  www  phone  1  866  the  e  info  20  mail  general manager  caf  dade  broward  charlotte  net  11 x 8.5  business  industry  opium  hospitality industry  bob sabin  owner  i believe barwise to be an outstanding  service that pays for itself many times over  level nightclub  our results to date have been  outstanding and we consider the barwise  liquor audits to be one of the best tools we  have for maximizing our profits  mike saladino  lola  both my cost of goods savings and  improvement in my product yields  revenue  per ounce pay for the cost of barwise  hassan benjelloun  director of operations  tabac  opium garden  their detailed reports combined with their staff  training and business analysis has provided us  with results far greater than our expectations  bruce feingold  dada restaurant  call today for free demonstration  palm beach county  305.762.5400  lee  collier county  941.283.9100  toll  barwise  revolutionalizing the  barwise has discovered that the  s average shrinkage is over  your barwise auditor will work  with you to customize our service  to meet the specific needs of your  our weekly reports give  you the most accurate picture of  your true bottom line by accounting  for your product to within 1  100th of  an ounce  let us provide you with  the proven strategies that have  allowed our clients to lower their  pour cost an average of 8  money we save you will by far  pay for the services we provide  call today for a free demonstration  barwise liquor inventory service is  revolutionizing the hospitality industry  we have provided  with great success  weekly liquor audits for numerous  hotel and bar owners  our service has enabled our many  clients to achieve a drastic reduction  in pour costs  with a tremendous  increase in profits  text  electronics 
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