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Big at Club 609 in Coconut Grove

Record #1818

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Jesse James <
Artwork Details Date Created 08/ 23/2001  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 7x5 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  2100x1500  File Size  38.02 MB
Category Bars Lounges  Club 609  Coconut Grove  Electronic Dance  Florida  Flyer Printing  Nightclub  Singles  Students 
Tags miami  hop  r  b  power 96  3342 virginia street  coconut grove  florida  clubspace  room  deejay tony tone  deejay def  deejay ethics  deejay ideal  hip hop  retro  whisky lounge  big  reggae  3o  you  dj  7 x 5  doors open at 9  trance  dance  september  old school  club 609  dreamteam  nightbreederz ent  bad boy  we don  the biggest and official labor day bash  second  two  thousand one  o9  o2  o1  september 2  headphone output  only the bonb hip  and bass  electronic musical mastermindz  you never thought we  d make it this far  look at us now  on top  letting  you know that it  s about who is hot  who is not  but just like others  ve claimed to be on top  pretending is your game  but we are here to  tell you it  s not a game  and you see only the strong survive  and while  you keep doing the talking  we will do the walking  the saga continues  dreamteam2oo1  newyork subway  route 42 o  j vjlsh v  kjsgh  ksjg  su  suv  ysub  gd  hysc  sdg  uscd  acdaj  sgucvdsucvbjb  sj chvc h  sagcv gvcv  sdjg g sc d khdgs ckgysauv  kgsjd  cghjskhdgksj  sghj  sucb scsucjh d ucd dau  hbha  dajgh  dgu gu  aj ajbiao  aljh a  route 42 1  route 42 2  route 42 3  grande  deejay efx  deejay rps  deejay mike e simm  deejay radamas  deejay zog  deejay epps  dresscode at doorstaff  s discretion  for the 411 call 3o5 212 5479  resident deejay of dreamteam  resident deejay of power96  resident deejay of club609  power96  special guest deejay  bad boy records  ps  t do it for the money  t do it for the fame  we do it for the love of the game  supreme dreamteam  turntable  subway  bald man  afro baby  notorious b.i.g. baby  ready to die baby 
Usage Inspiration
Front Body Copy the BIGGEST and OFFICIAL Labor Day Bash ? ???? ?????????????? ?????? ? ??????????? ????????????? ? ??? ?? SEPTEMBER.SECOND.TWO-THOUSAND ONE O9.O2.O1 september 2 HEADPHONE OUTPUT Only the bonb hip hop, trance, And BASS Electronic musical MASTERMINDZ NEWYORK SUBWAY you never thought we’d make it this far..look at us now..ON TOP..letting you know that it’s about who is HOT & who is NOT.. but just like others.. you’ve claimed to be on top..pretending is YOUR game... but we are here to tell you IT”S NOT A GAME... and you see only the STRONG survive..and while you keep doing the talking..WE will do the WALKING ... THE SAGA CONTINUES.. - DREAMTEAM2oo1 route 42 O j vjlsh v kjsgh ksjg su suv ysub gd hysc sdg su su uscd acdaj sgucvdsucvbjb sj chvc h sagcv gvcv sdjg g sc d khdgs ckgysauv kgsjd [cghjskhdgksj sghj sucb scsucjh d ucd dau’ hbha dajgh dgu gu aj ajbiao aljh a ROUTE 42 1 ROUTE 42 2 ROUTE 42 3 grande
Back Body Copy ? ???? ?????????????? ?????? ? ??????????? ????????????? ? ??? ?? room O9.O2.O1 deejay EFX > r&b resident deejay of DREAMTEAM deejay RPS > retro . dance resident deejay of power96/DREAMTEAM deejay TONY TONE > hip hop resident deejay of club609/power96/DREAMTEAM deejay MIKE E SIMM > reggae . old school resident deejay of club609/DREAMTEAM deejay RADAMAS > hip hop special guest deejay . clubSPACE/BAD BOY records doors open at 9:3O < dresscode at doorstaff’s discretion < for the 411 call 3O5 212 5479 < deejay ZOG > retro resident deejay of power96/DREAMTEAM deejay IDEAL > r&b resident deejay of club609/DREAMTEAM deejay DEF > hip hop resident deejay of club609/power96/DREAMTEAM deejay EPPS > old school special guest deejay/NIGHTBREEDERZ ent. deejay ETHICS > hip hop resident deejay of DREAMTEAM 3342 Virginia Street Coconut Grove PS. “We don’t do it for the money, We don’t do it for the fame, WE DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME...” - SUPREME DREAMTEAM
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