Cloud 9 Thursdays at Club Element

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Fosforito  Client Club Element <
Artwork Details Date Created 03/ 31/2000  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 11x8.5 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  3300x2550  File Size  73.23 MB
Category Brochures  Club Element  District of Columbia  Electronic Dance  Full Page  Menus  Nightclub  Urban  Washington 
Tags 5  main floor  www  com  9  00  10  00pm  4  15  abstract  wireframe  admission  trance  presented by  progressive house  digital  00am  washington  third floor  21 to drink  next to the mci center  11 x 8.5  hours  18 to enter  no dress code  drum n bass  t h u r s d a y s  washington dc  dc  buzz  b e g i n s  0 0  c l o u d  2 0  araverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventarave  florida breaks  dj micro  moonshine records  caffeine records  corporate flow  baltimore md  dj shea  the sound child  rob clay  chris garrett  dj mana  underground room jungle  dj phat phingaz  release mngt  abnormal records  tag team w  dj wade  dj prophet  dj draco  untill  club element  714 sixth street nw  301.840.8793  between g  h streets  clubelement  cloud 9  grid  dots  ruler  braille  district of columbia 
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Front Body Copy c l o u d 9 c l o u d 9 t h u r s d a y s b e g i n s 4 . 2 0 . 0 0 araverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyevent
Back Body Copy araverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyeventaraverfriendlyevent c l o u d 9 c l o u d 9 t h u r s d a y s MAIN FLOOR: Trance, Progressive House & Florida Breaks DJ MICRO moonshine records, caffeine records corporate flow, buzz baltimore md washington dc baltimore md DJ SHEA “The Sound Child” ROB CLAY CHRIS GARRETT DJ MANA b e g i n s 4 . 2 0 . 0 0 THIRD FLOOR: Underground Room Jungle, Drum N Bass DJ PHAT PHINGAZ moonshine records, release mngt. release mngt., abnormal records tag team w/dj wade tag team w/dj prophet DJ DRACO DJ PROPHET DJ WADE NO DRESS CODE 18 to enter 21 to drink Admission: $15.00 Hours: 10:00pm untill 5:00am CLUB ELEMENT 714 Sixth Street NW. Washington, DC 301.840.8793 Between G&H Streets, Next to the MCI Center. www. clubelement. com Presented by & CLUB ELEMENT
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