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Cosmic Vibes

Record #2383

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Jesse James  Client Gebahie Entertainment <
Artwork Details Date Created 04/ 13/2001  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 8.5x2.75 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  2550x825  File Size  15.09 MB
Category Electronic Dance  Florida  Flyer Printing  Miami  Trendy 
Tags entertainment  miami  2  11  30  12  florida  com  9  10  t  space  1  15  x  day  8.5 x 2.75  productions  scene  info line  george alvarado  8up  concept  cosmic vibes  gebahie  kaenow  dj jorge felix  ravetigger  dephcon24  dj entity  305.217.2787  coming october 2001  trancesylvania  ii  earth  body  45  dj concept  late night laboratory  mainstage  secondstage  djjorge felix  djmekanizm  dj3ple  djcharle s  djentity  djdavid alexander  djeuri  beatcamp  marco  farmer  ken  and mc gone 2 far  playing from 12 till  god knows when  special thanks to all those that support the  space cadets ent  pookieheadz  sfl  insight production  futurefunk  seasunz 88  1 tancaction  electronik music  for the mind  and soul  and also featuring  11401 west flagler street  planet  3d  space ship  dj 3ple-x  dj mekanizm  dj charles  dj david alexander  dj kaenow 
Usage Inspiration
Front Body Copy COSMIC VIBES
Back Body Copy Coming OCTOBER 2001 TRANCESYLVANIA II MAINSTAGE SECONDSTAGE DJJORGE FELIX DJMEKANIZM DJ3PLE-X DJCHARLE S DJENTITY•CONCEPT DJDAVID ALEXANDER & KAENOW DJEURI DEPHCON24 RAVETIGGER 9•10 9•10 10•11 10•11 12•12:45 11•12 COSMIC VIBES BEATCAMP 12:45•1:30 MARCO, DAY, T-FARMER, KEN, AND MC GONE 2 FAR 1:30•2:15 Gebahie Entertainment PLAYING FROM 12 TILL GOD KNOWS WHEN @ 2:15•????? Special thanks to all those that support the Scene, Space Cadets Ent.,,, Insight Production, FutureFunk, Late Night Laboratory, Seasunz 88.1 Tancaction, Electronik Music For the Mind, Body, and Soul. and also featuring 11401 West Flagler Street Info Line: 305.217.2787 George Alvarado 11-12
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