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Tags kids  10  1  4 x 6  de  off  59  system  000 sq ft  toll free  grass  dog  call today  pets  moss removal  877.881.3875  aerations  thatching  fertilization  lime  seeding  no herbicides  no pesticides  no monthly contracts  no telemarketing  safe for  503.881.3875  any package  includes power raking  aeration  2 aeration package  includes aeration  3 de  thatching package  includes de  up to 3  larger lawns call for free quotes  benefits of  lawn aeration  the removal of small cores  of soil from the lawn  helps reduce compaction  and improves the ability  of the grass roots to  expand into the soil  reduces compacted soil  allows for better drainage  helps prevent moss growth  conserves water  reduces areas of saturation  thatch  shallow root  compacted soil  english bulldog 
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Front Body Copy Aerations • De-Thatching • Fertilization Lime • Seeding • Moss Removal No Herbicides No Pesticides No Monthly Contracts No Telemarketing Safe for Kids & Pets Call Today: 503-881-3875 Toll Free 877-881-3875
Back Body Copy $59 10% Off Any package #1 Moss Removal Includes Power raking, Aeration, seeding, fertilization, & lime. #2 Aeration Package Includes aeration, seeding, fertilization, & Lime #3 De-Thatching Package Includes de-thatching, seeding, fertilization, & lime Aeration up to 3,000 sq ft. Larger Lawns Call for Free Quotes Benefits of Lawn Aeration: Lawn Aeration The removal of small cores of soil from the lawn helps reduce compaction and improves the ability of the grass roots to expand into the soil. • Reduces compacted soil. • Allows for better drainage. • Helps prevent Moss growth. • Conserves water. • Reduces areas of saturation. Thatch Shallow Root System Compacted Soil 503-881-3875 Toll Free 877-881-3875
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