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Front Body Copy The British Bureau of Florida British-American Public Relations • Marketing & Media Liaison • Union Jack Newspaper (Florida305 371-9340 Email: Patricia Kawaja - Owner and Publisher of Largest British Database in Florida. Your Source For All Things British In Florida And UK Reach local Brits via their famous website
Back Body Copy Immigration Services English . Welsh Irish . Scottish British / Irish Pubs British Clubs Brit Shops/ Tearooms English football, Rugby Cricket Polo UK-USA Financial British banks. Lawyers UK Pensions. UK Passports/VISAS British Consulates UK-Florida Trade. Indian Restaurants Travel to UK/cruises Medical Insurance Jobs for Brits British Entertainers Shipping to-from UK UK Media / publications … More on Website REACH THE BRITISH COMMUNITY via Union Jack Newspaper or website Contact the British Bureau for adrates. BRITISH TOURISTS contact us for info.
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