Lets Keep The Scales Of Justice Balanced In Laclede County!

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By ClubFlyers  Client Christine Hutson <
Artwork Details Date Created 09/ 07/2010  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 3.5x8.25 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  1050x2475  File Size  3.96 MB
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Tags stars  s  experience  2nd  family  never  person  let  knowledge  3.5 x 8.25  integrity  flags  posing female  criminal  keep the  scales of justice balanced  in laclede county  keep  judge  christine  hutson  tough  fair  doing the job  please vote tuesday nov  why should you vote  to keep  judge christine hutson  7th year as associate circuit judge  presides over jury trials  finds criminals guilty  punishes probation violators  judges cases from all areas of the law  civil  probate  doesn  t play favorites  people say  she treated me fairly  legislates  from the bench  reduces delays  judge hutson knows delay is a guilty  s best friend  and an innocent person  s worst nightmare  enforces victims  rights  not just rights of criminal defendants  paid for by citizens to keep judge hutson  don clark  treasurer  www.keepjudgehutson.com  417.532.0039  see facebook page  www.tiny.cc/kjh  weights  smiling woman 
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Front Body Copy Let’s Keep The Scales Of Justice Balanced In Laclede County! Keep Judge Christine Hutson TOUGH * FAIR * DOING THE JOB Please Vote Tuesday Nov. 2nd!
Back Body Copy Judge Hutson WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE TO KEEP JUDGE CHRISTINE HUTSON? EXPERIENCE • 7th Year as Associate Circuit Judge • Presides Over Jury Trials • Finds Criminals Guilty • Punishes Probation Violators KNOWLEDGE • Judges Cases From All Areas of the Law Criminal - Civil - Probate - Family INTEGRITY • Doesn’t Play Favorites • People Say: “She Treated Me Fairly” • Never “Legislates” From The Bench REDUCES DELAYS • Judge Hutson Knows Delay Is A Guilty Person’s Best Friend… And An Innocent Person’s Worst Nightmare! ENFORCES VICTIMS’ RIGHTS • Not Just Rights of Criminal Defendants Paid for by Citizens to Keep Judge Hutson Don Clark, Treasurer www.keepjudgehutson.com -- (417 532-0039 See Facebook Page @ www.tiny.cc/kjh)
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