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Tags and  t  available  6 x 4  personal training  Sun Burst  flower  gradient  cardio  fist  rose  karate  martial arts  fitness instruction  self defense  jujitsu  judo  kickboxing  mixed martial arts  group seminars  on going classes  private sessions  maria didio  certified black belt  instructor  personal trainer  516.641.4080  mariadidio  instruction by maria didio  certified black belt instructor  gain focus  control  learn useful techniques  develop inner  outer strength  empowerment  gain confidence  awareness  body conditioning  build self esteem  lose weight 
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Front Body Copy Martial Arts & Fitness Instruction Karate . Self Defense . Jujitsu . Judo . Cardio-Kickboxing Mixed Martial Arts . Personal Training . Group Seminars On going Classes and Private Sessions Available Maria DiDio, Certified Black Belt Instructor & Personal Trainer T. 516.641.4080 .
Back Body Copy Instruction by Maria DiDio Certified Black Belt Instructor & Personal Trainer Gain Focus & Control Learn Useful Techniques Develop Inner & Outer Strength Empowerment &Gain Confidence Self Defense & Awareness Body Conditioning Build Self Esteem Lose Weight T. 516.641.4080 .
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