Musique at Madhouse

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Jesse James <
Artwork Details Date Created 04/ 05/2001  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 8.5x2.75 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  2550x825  File Size  19.63 MB
Category Casual  Electronic Dance  Florida  Flyer Printing  Hip Hop  Madhouse  Miami  Nightclub  Retro 
Tags thursday  2001  miami  12  m  djs  florida  dress to impress  4  abstract  hip hop  i  doors open at 10pm  coming soon  8.5 x 2.75  dj efx  madhouse  progressive house  we  dj vision  luis  digital  brought to you by  dj silver  12 cover  silver  pass  vision  fish  mad house  jackie agreda  efx  musique  what brings us together  ve invited you to experience musique in  a whole new way  leave your problems at  home and prepare to enoy and meet  new people  10 w  attention promoters  take a day off  prove you  promote and recive reduced admission  retrodance  dr melody  joseph dvs1  george gesen  leo maecha  andres marin  cipher  joel  cuba  hypnotic trance  3301 rickenbacker causway  the parliament  3d  Speakers  dj dr melody 
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Front Body Copy ) thursday 4.12.2001 ) THURSDAY 4.12.2001 ) musique , , ... M M 4.12.2001 4.12.2001 4.12.2001 What Brings Us Together 4.12.2001 4.12.2001
Back Body Copy thursday We’ve invited you to experience Musique in a whole new way Leave your problems at home and prepare to enoy and meet new people 4.12.2001 Doors Open at 10pm Dress to Impress $12 Cover $10 w/ Pass DJs HIP HOP I SILVER EFX Attention Promoters: Take a day off ! Prove you promote and recive reduced admission THURSDAY I RetroDance Brought to you by: DR Melody joseph dvs1•george gesen•leo maecha•andres marin jackie agreda•cipher•luis “fish”•joel “cuba” MADHOUSE Hypnotic Trance Progressive House Vision 3301 Rickenbacker Causway the parliament coming soon...
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