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Tags stars  florida  1  8.5 x 5.5  young  ave  tour  personal  world  usa  bring in the girls  promotions to fill your venue with women  soap stars  move over chippendales  there's a new show in town  book both  shows  up close  soap stars from  your favorite  john york  billy warlock  now booking 2001  2002 dates  america's  touring male review  chad brennan  custom packages available  coltin scott  playgirl is a licensed trademark of playgirl key club  inc nyc  877  for bookings  toll free 1  877 917  network media tours  13625 eagle ridge dr  suite 312  fort myers  fl 33912  941.561.2240  packages available  for all shows  all my children  as the world turns  bold  beautiful  days of our lives  general hospital  guiding light  one life to live  passions  port charles  restless  earth  sky  males  grid world  muscular male  male portraits  ft myers 
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Front Body Copy BRING IN THE GIRLS! "Promotions To Fill Your Venue With Women" Soap StarS ....Move over Chippendales, there's a new show in town... Book Both Shows & $ave ® Up Close & Personal Soap Stars From "Your Favorite" Shows John York Billy Warlock Now Booking 2001-2002 dates "America's #1 Touring Male Review" Chad Brennan Custom Packages Available Coltin Scott Playgirl is a licensed trademark of Playgirl Key Club, Inc NYC/USA 877 (For Bookings TOLL FREE 1 (877 917-TOUR)
Back Body Copy Network Media Tours 13625 Eagle Ridge Dr., Suite 312 Fort Myers, FL 33912 (941 561-2240) Packages Available for All Shows • All My Children • As The World Turns • Bold & Beautiful • Days Of Our Lives • General Hospital • Guiding Light • One Life to Live • Passions • Port Charles • Young & Restless
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