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Pleasures of Miami Florida

Record #3004

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Fosforito <
Artwork Details Date Created 02/ 16/2000  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 8.5x5.5 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  2550x1650  File Size  28.04 MB
Category Electronic Dance  Florida  Flyers  Miami  Nightclub  Pleasures Nightclub  Trendy 
Tags miami  florida  friday  dress code strictly enforced  doors open at 10pm  8.5 x 5.5  resident  gentlemen  alex miranda  dj percy  dj irie  in the main room  for b  david miranda  dj alex miranda  silver  305.578.3265  vision  hos  no jeans  in the vip room  get there early  ons resident  friday march 10th 2000  beat the lines  day list  pre sale tickets strongly suggested  for no line no wait  back door entrance  available at  majestic music  11865 sw 26 st  come be a witness as he gives a performance  unlike any other  his live on stage djing skills will  keep you dancing to upscale hip hop all night long  t2n resident  one of the elite djs on the scene  305.222.8890  do you tease or please  multi level dance floors  3 new rooms  extravaganza lazer light show  remodled like never before  in the upstairs lounge  only the best dressed ladies  will be allowed in  vip tables or 411  make us a list and you get in free  next to palace 18  03 10 00  3d  Cool letters  Vector line design  pleasures nightclub 
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Front Body Copy do you tease or please? friday march 10th 2000
Back Body Copy in the main room multi level dance floors 3 new rooms extravaganza lazer light show remodled like never before dj irie come be a witness as he gives a performance unlike any other. his live on stage djing skills will keep you dancing to upscale hip hop all night long (HOS . T2N resident) dj percy in the upstairs lounge david miranda Silver viSion one of the elite djs on the scene (HOS . T2N resident) (resident) alex miranda (resident) (resident) (ONS resident) in the vip room only the best dressed ladies & gentlemen will be allowed in friday doors open at 10pm get there early, beat the lines dress code strictly enforced, no jeans for b-day list, vip tables or 411 305.578.3265 make us a list and you get in free pre sale tickets strongly suggested for no line no wait back door entrance available at MAJESTIC MUSIC 11865 sw 26 st (next to palace 18 305.222.8890) 03 10 00
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