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Saturday at Lifted

Record #2362

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Joe is fresh  Client Lifted <
Artwork Details Date Created 09/ 26/2000  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 8.5x5.5 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  2261x1463  File Size  38.79 MB
Category Bars Lounges  Electronic Dance  Florida  Flyer Printing  Hip Hop  Lifted Nightclub  Miami Beach  Nightclub  Singles 
Tags miami beach  miami  2  5  30  12  florida  s  9  2000  space  3  1  4  15  8  abstract  doors open  6  dress code enforced  vip  7  8.5 x 5.5  dj efx  dr  alex miranda  percy  dj vision  dj percy  digital  li  flava  mike e simm  3 rooms  dj alex miranda  dj mike e simm  the lounge  vision  george alvarado  efx  dj george alvarado  melody  to experience something new  let us show you the way  wilfredo navarro  lenny lastre invite you  saturday oct 21  ted  000 sq ft  2000 guest  14 dj  we invite you to experience a venue unlike any other  straight from new  in which to  roam as you wish to our 3 zones of musical pleasure  the towers of speakers in every corner is just to  help blance between the biggest light show you  can imagine  club dna  atmosphere room  tony hitman  laboratory mainroom  s very own female dj  dreamz  arrive early and beat the lines  follow the searchlights  thursday oct  hos 2yr  nme 1yr  club address  3d  squares  dj dr melody  lifted  dj tony hitman  dj flava  dj dreamz  lifted nightclub 
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