Syndication at Cloud 9

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Fosforito <
Artwork Details Date Created 08/ 29/2000  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 5.5x4.25 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  1650x1275  File Size  776.86 KB
Category Cloud 9  District of Columbia  Electronic Dance  Flyers  Nightclub  Singles  Students  Trendy  Washington 
Tags n  w  9  c  21  main room  x  doors open at 10pm  5.5 x 4.25  uk  14  or call  dream  28  washington  21 to drink  18 to enter  no dress code  washington dc  moonshine recordings  dj micro  cloud 9  10 before 12  15 after  micro  the syndicate  vicious vic  yazoo  stroud  miah  lexus king  chris fortier  dave trance  noel sanger  dj dave trance  first we brought you database  then we cooked up  groove kitchen  now the syndicate has found a  new home for all of us to play in  come join us every  week as we throw down the sweetest music and silliest  vibe in d  who knows  you might see sinestro  in assless chaps  yeehaw  jen lasher  tzeech  family productions  pandemonium  bake  all jungle all night long  deinfamous  phaze  oron  dj ragz vs st michael  on 4 turntables  dmc finalists  97 sick mofos  kingsize usa  instinctive groove  cloud 9 is located at 1400 i st  for more information check out  email sinestro  888.664.6805  dj chris fortier  dj vicious vic  dj xdream  district of columbia 
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Back Body Copy jen lasher. the syndicate tzeech. family productions pandemonium. the syndicate, moonshine recordings bake. the syndicate micro & dave trance first we brought you DATABASE. then we cooked up GROOVE KITCHEN. now the syndicate has found a new home for all of us to play in! come join us every week as we throw down the sweetest music and silliest vibe in d.c. who knows, you might see sinestro in assless chaps..........yeehaw!!! 9/14 main room all jungle all night long! deinfamous. the syndicate phaze. the syndicate/uk oron. dj ragz vs st michael. on 4 turntables (DMC finalists ‘97 sick mofos chris fortier & noel sanger) yazoo. the syndicate stroud. miah. the syndicate/kingsize USA lexus king. the syndicate/instinctive groove vicious vic & x-dream 9/21 9/28 main room main room cloud 9 is located at 1400 I st. n.w. washington dc no dress code . 18 to enter . 21 to drink . doors open at 10pm . $10 before 12 . $15 after . for more information check out, email or call 888.664.6805
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