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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Joe is fresh  Client The Firm <
Artwork Details Date Created 10/ 04/2000  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 5.25x5.25 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  1397x1397  File Size  19.52 MB
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Tags it  ice  making  journey  the firm  no  spring break  5.25 x 5.25  ever since this began theres always been a story  a story about this one person or this production  or were bigger  or we have more pull  well the story stops here  one night stand  heard this before  no you  re not in back to the future  its just we were ahead of our time  you see  as the true inovators that we are we were the first duo to leave the beach and start in downtown  due to  some uncertain circumstances on august 27  99 it was cut short and the shine of the two productions could not  be seen  s all different now  now we have a scene which needs what we will do  you see ons has been getting  stronger ever since then by doing party  s such as  liquified  fire  and wet n wild  just to  mention a few  proving you should never underestimate the competition  thru hardwork  dedication  the right moves ons is right where they want to be  above it all  coming november 2000  earlier this year  spring break the firm hosted a party for a fellow friend which had passed away  everyone thought  this was the comeback  funny how a name of a production can cause so much confusion  now five months later  again this name has come up  this time by someone who has the right to claim firm  but has no right in using the  name firm  see ever since the firm began back in 98  you never wanted to be associated with the firm  thinking  you were too cool  now two years later you claim it  now we will not stop until this battle is won  so create your  stories  look for your ventures  you have awaken the true master and we will see what you will do  this is your  true test  but this time we are on our land  the land of the creators and i  ve brought some friends to join in the  game  i hope your up for it  now you  ve read this flyer front and back and you  ve seen what both productions have to say  and i hope you  see were serious  to the competition beware  to the fans brace yourselves  to our friends this is the best one  yet  because whats to come is  crown  light burst  circle logo  person silhouette 
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