The Jill Tracy Show at Rascals

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Artwork Details Date Created 03/ 23/2000  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 8.5x3.5 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  2550x1050  File Size  5.21 MB
Category Bars Lounges  College  Comedy  Florida  Miami  Rascals Comedy Club   Trendy  Urban 
Tags miami  florida  00  30pm  10  table reservations  star  305.903.7931  please call  8.5 x 3.5  call  love  country  showtime  wild  secrets  off the chain  martini  kendall town  for tickets  305.274.5411  for one  the jill tracey show  s own talk show  s rawest talk show  april friday 21  show only  female  you might think queen latifah is live  why do men  women cheat  you might think jerry springer is wild  but you have not seen the jill tracey show  deep dark  confessions  if you have someone you want to confront  or you have a wild or outrageous story to tell  triangles  country info  rascals comedy club  Rascals Comedy Club Logo  cursive writing 
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Front Body Copy THE JILL TRACEY SHOW Miami’s own talk show Miami’s rawest talk show April Friday 21, 00 showtime 10:30pm For one show only! For Tickets & Table Reservations Please Call 305.274.5411 Kendall Town & Country
Back Body Copy THE JILL TRACEY SHOW April Friday 21, 00 Why do men & women cheat? You might think Queen Latifah is live! You might think Jerry Springer is wild & off the chain! But you have not seen The Jill Tracey Show! DEEP DARK SECRETS WILD CONFESSIONS If you have someone you want to confront or you have a wild or outrageous story to tell call 305.903.7931 LOVE TRIANGLES Kendall Town & Country Info: 305.274.5411
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