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The Rebirth at Club Space at Downtown Miami

Record #2095

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Joe is fresh <
Artwork Details Date Created 10/ 20/2000  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 8.5x8.5 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  2261x2261  File Size  60.79 MB
Category Business Flyers  Club Space  Downtown Miami  Electronic Dance  Events  Florida  Flyer Printing  Hip Hop  Miami Flyers  Nightclub  Trendy 
Tags colors  miami  2  11  florida  s  wednesday  00  2000  downtown miami  it  c  time  nicole garcia  club609  deejay tony tone  deejay def  deejay ethics  deejay ideal  deejay real  dress code strictly enforced  1  abstract  dj tony tone  dj epps  club space  come celebrate  but  doors open at 9  key biscayne  south florida  22  the firm  liquid  dj irie  la boom  digital  pussy gallore  800.574.7577  scene  switch  best  dj def  dj rps  99jamz  that  dj mike e simm  dj real  deejay  quik  this is a 1 time event  downtown  dj ethics  dj ideal  deejay rps  deejay mike e simm  deejay zog  deejay epps  one of miami  one of power96  another one of dreamteam  3opm  dreamworld  8.5 x 8.5  246  37  3301 rickenbacker causway  the rebirth  the scene  dj fx  deejay irie  dj george alvarado  dj mike siegal  dj colossal k  formerly known as south fork  the one thing in life that is of the essence  we stop  those we have failed in  from the first  amnesia 97  level3  salvation 97  pacha 97  land of oz  level2  glam slam 98  16 wks12 wks  are parties that will never be forgotten  because they  s not about what you can do in one night  that is what time is all  about  but let us not forget who we are  will come to an end  dont take what you have for granted  s very own deejay sensation and resident deejay at one of  s best known parties  dont forget to be on the  look out for his cd release  maybe one of the scene  s best known deejays who has come a long way since  his days as resident deejay with uan to become of south florida  s best known  deejay talent and resident deejay  s most recognized deejays who is one of the main sources  behind the hip hop movement nightbreederz  has become one of  s best known hip hop deejays  deejay george alvarado feat  better known as the proffessor  is one of miami  s moving forces in a  changing scene filled with trance  progressive house who along with liquid  host one of south florida  s best known late night shows  producer who is one of the scene  s most respected and talented hip  hop deejays whose many talents has earned him recognition at many of south  s hip hop night clubs  s very own deejay sensation who started many years spinning  at z  monty parties and has been one of the most influential deejays in the  s most versatile deejay who has been spinning for many  year and will leave you wanting more once you hear his mixing and talents on  the turntables  deejay who has earned much recognition in the scene who started off as  s resident deejay at such nights as colors  remember for his sets in the upstairs room of amnesia  deejay colossal k  remember the name for he might be one of the scene  s most upcoming deejay  who has talent and an ear for trance and progressive house  guaranteed to  keep you moving all night  dreamteam resident who is amongst one of the scene  s up and coming deejay  talents  has the talent and skills to go a long way in the biz  one of dreamteam  s newest resident deejays who is best known for his  mixing skills and hip hop tunes  guaranteed to be turn heads in the dance  floor  s newest resident deejay  whose mixing skills  and music is guaranteed to catch your attention once he starts spinning  just  get ready to be mesmerized  david moises  julie marvis  vanessa diaz  birthdays  caldera 00  the innovators  originators  and creators  deejay fx  one of the scene  s up and coming deejay talents who has spun at many of  s night spots  has the skills and talents to become of the  s best known deejay sensations  deejay mike siegal  s most favorite retro and dance deejays who you might  remember at such nights as quick  switch and many more  will take you  back to the some of  the old school  coming december 2ooo  we ask you  where you going to  end up  november 22  26 days  624 hours  440 minutes  400 seconds  flyer 1  realize everything we have accomplished  party dreamteam did  not only because they were not one time events  are a measuring stick yet to be matched  it is about what you do in the long run  this is why we all agree  is not what it once was  allowing things to take their own course in life  trends and  transitions take their effect  make it what it is today  what we were before all this started  let us not based  friendships on loyalty  keep in mind that everything at one time or another  just because its  here today doesnt mean it will be here tomorrow  cause nothing in life is eternal  dj zog  3d  grid  line art  fetus 
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