The Return of Blue at Alcazaba

Record #2518

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Fosforito  Client Alcazaba <
Artwork Details Date Created 10/ 19/2000  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 8.5x3.5 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  2550x1050  File Size  20.45 MB
Category Alcazaba  Coral Gables  Electronic Dance  Event Flyer  Florida  Flyer Printing  Nightclub  Trendy 
Tags florida  9  hosted by  carlos garcia  josh dos santos  nicole garcia  deejay def  deejay ethics  deejay ideal  deejay real  dress code strictly enforced  3  doors open  george papadellis  2ooo  8.5 x 3.5  model  woman  sexy  the firm  coral gables  blue  the return of  dj def  dj rps  dj mike e simm  dj robin  dj real  robert padron  dj ethics  dj ideal  charlie trujillo  deejay rps  deejay mike e simm  deejay zog  alcazaba  3opm  the rebirth  rem sanchez  ann mazor  stephen pineda  dj zog  dj groove  rey blanco  luis riera  ivan g  ray avon  one of the summer  s most memorable events back for this two week event  at one of south florida  s most upscale nightclubs  november 2  deejay groove  jisell castro  november 9  deejay robin  selected heads only  door done by  dont 4get coming november 22  by dreamteam  millenium dreamers  50 alhambra plaza  3d  gradient 
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Front Body Copy stephen pineda carlos garcia george papadellis josh dos santos ray avon rey blanco robert padron luis riera rem sanchez charlie trujillo THE RETURN OF
Back Body Copy one of the summer’s most memorable events back for this two week event at one of south florida’s most upscale nightclubs. THE RETURN OF november 2, 2ooo deejay zog deejay mike e simm deejay ideal deejay groove deejay real hosted by: nicole garcia ann mazor jisell castro november 9, 2ooo deejay def deejay rps deejay ethics deejay robin deejay real doors open@9:3opm . dress code strictly enforced selected heads only door done by: ivan g dont 4get coming november 22, 2ooo 3:the rebirth // by dreamteam, the firm, & millenium dreamers.. Alcazaba 50 Alhambra Plaza Coral Gables
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