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Tags free  florida  www  com  s  fl  fax  u  1  ft  tel  5.5 x 8.5  ft lauderdale  voicemail  postage  paid  permit no  guaranteed  laud  your home sold  in under 90 days  at your price  or i will sell it for  to find out more  call 1  800.887.0823  enter id  1076  anytime  24 hours a day  for prerecorded information  which explains this offer  talk to no one  ninetyorfree  or call me direct at  954.370.1924  logo yellow back  stafford bryer  cs  realty inc  1826 n  pine island road  fort lauderdale  florida 33322  954.259.5374  not intended to solicit proper  not intended to solicit properties currently listed for sale  presorted  standard  4479  we guarantee to sell your home  in 90 days  or we  ll sell it for free  see reverse  33322  954.370.7764  website  new free service for homeowners  get the facts without the hassle  you can receive a free computerized printout of recent home sales  current listings  in your area mailed to you at no cost or obligation  you don  t talk to an agent  just call our 24 hr  voicemail system and leave a message  indicating which streets you would like informtion on  its simple  just call  1075  stamp placeholder  cs realty inc south florida 
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Front Body Copy Your Home SOLD in Under 90 Days, GUARANTEED (at your price or I will sell it for) To find out more, Call 1-800-887-0823 &Enter ID# 1076 anytime, 24 Hours a day for prerecorded information which explains this offer. (Talk To No One) www.NinetyOrFree.com or Call me Direct at 954.370.1924 Logo Yellow Back Stafford Bryer CS Realty Inc 1826 N. Pine Island Road Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33322 Voicemail: (954 259-5374) Not intended to solicit proper ((Not intended to solicit properties currently listed for sale)
Back Body Copy PRESORTED STANDARD U.S.POSTAGE PAID FT.LAUD,FL PERMIT NO. 4479 Logo Yellow Back We Guarantee To Sell Your Home In 90 Days At YOUR Price Or We’ll Sell It For FREE! (See Reverse) CS Realty Inc 1826 N. Pine Island Road Fort Lauderdale Fl. 33322 Tel. 954-370-1924 Fax 954-370-7764 Website: www.NinetyOrFree.com New FREE Service For Homeowners. Get the Facts Without The Hassle You can receive a FREE computerized printout of recent Home Sales & Current Listings in your area mailed to you at NO Cost or Obligation. You don’t talk to an agent. Just call our 24 hr. voicemail system and leave a message indicating which streets you would like informtion on. Its Simple - Just Call: 1-800-887-0823 & enter ID# 1075
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