Ibiza at La Covacha

Record #1906

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Jesse James  Client One Night Stand Entertainment <
Artwork Details Date Created 07/ 13/2001  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 4.25x2.75 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  1275x825  File Size  8.91 MB
Category Bars Lounges  Classic  Florida  Flyers  Hip Hop  Hispanic  La Covacha  Latin  Miami  Music  Nightclub  Restaurant  Retro  Singles  Students  Urban 
Tags miami  2  01  r  b  florida  doors open at 1o  oopm  8  retro  dress code enforced  info  hialeah  miami int  4am  12am  truth or dare  beach  deejays  oldschool  2am  1am  la covacha  latin vibes  4.25 x 2.75  sunset  10730 nw 25 st  ibiza  music world  305.485.4822  presales  411  no shorts or sneakers  l mall  305.477.0740  4068 west 12 ave  305.556.7570  hiphop  the cave music store  9588 sw 4ost  studio one  3o5  615  772o  wanna get leid  ralphaquino  1opm  eurilorenzo  robycease  alexmiranda  doral  crowd  palm trees  audience  people dancing  sand dune design 
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Front Body Copy wanna get leid? 8.2.01 8.2.01 truth or dare ibiza
Back Body Copy 8.2.01 wanna get leid? ralphaquino hiphop/r&b >1Opm - 12am eurilorenzo hiphop/oldschool >2am-4am deejays robycease retro/latin vibes >1am-2am alexmiranda retro >12am-1am music world 9588 SW 4OST. 305.485.4822 studio one miami int’l mall 305.477.0740 the cave music store 4068 west 12 ave.(hialeah 305.556.7570) PRESALES: dress code enforced no shorts or sneakers doors open at 1O:OOpm info: 3O5.615 .772O 411 > 10730 nw 25 st.
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