Kid Capri at Crobar Cameo Theater

Record #2592

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By Fosforito  Client Crobar <
Artwork Details Date Created 04/ 05/2001  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 4.25x6.25 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  1275x1875  File Size  17.28 MB
Category Cameo Theater  Casual  Concert  Crobar  Florida  Flyer Printing  Hip Hop  Miami  Nightclub  Singles  Students 
Tags crobar  south beach  miami beach  smac entertainment  carlos perez  bill spector  ruckus  conrad  thursday  miami  florida  1445 washington avenue  angel  fax  mo  juan mejia  crobar logo  crobar chicago 1543 n  tel  305.531.8225  305.531.7066  312.243.4800  cameo theater  jovar  mr mauricio  navin  anibal perez  cede  and stan  kingsbury tel  with resident djs mr  mauricio and ruckus  4.25 x 6.25  with your host anibal perez present  april 19th  thursday april 19th  house upstairs with jaun mejia  kid capri  cameo logo  sign in lights 
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Back Body Copy THURSDAY APRIL 19TH SMAC entertainment BILL SPECTOR ANGEL MO CONRAD CARLOS PEREZ JOVAR NAVIN CEDE and STAN with your host ANIBAL PEREZ present with resident djs MR.MAURICIO and RUCKUS house upstairs with JAUN MEJIA 1445 washington avenue tel. 305.531.8225 fax. 305.531.7066 crobar chicago 1543 n. kingsbury tel. 312.243.4800
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