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Artwork Details Date Created 10/ 06/2008  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 4.25x11 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  1275x3300  File Size  15.04 MB
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Tags house  american flag  4.25 x 11  chamber of commerce  for a free  roof  no obligation inspection  614.486.6426  free inspections  call premier now  we will work with your insurance  company for coverage  you may be entitled to a new roof  we will work with all  insurance companies  our expert technicians will  identify and determine the  extent of wind and hail damage  premier offers the best service  and delivers the highest quality  product on all exterior remodeling  we install solar systems  ask about huge tax rebates  proud member of the better business bureau and  premier member of the greater  columbus area  solar panel 
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Front Body Copy FREE INSPECTIONS! You may be entitled to a new roof. WE WILL WORK WITH ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES! 614-486-6426
Back Body Copy FREE INSPECTIONS! You may be entitled to a new roof. Call PREMIER Now, FOR A FREE, NO OBLIGATION INSPECTION. Our expert technicians will identify and determine the extent of wind and hail damage. We will work with your insurance company for coverage. PREMIER offers the best service and delivers the highest quality product on all exterior remodeling. WE INSTALL Solar Systems ASK ABOUT HUGE TAX REBATES! 614-486-6426 Proud Member of the Better Business Bureau and Premier Member of the Greater Columbus Area, Chamber of Commerce
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