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House From Ibiza

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Credits Added By GTC  Designed By ClubFlyers  Client Dream Nightclub <
Artwork Details Date Created 12/ 13/2013  File Type PSD  Product Dimension 5x7 Inches  Resolution 300dpi  Pixels Dimension  1500x2100  File Size  62.04 MB
Category Dream Nightclub  Electronic Dance  Events  Florida  Miami Beach  Nightclub  Postcards  Trendy 
Tags miami beach  30  b  florida  www  com  hosted by  1  5 x 7  the  o  producer  dj  rsvp  france  09  remixer  screaming person  305.674.4444  dreammia  nico jodin  benett  hugo m  dj ice cold  1532 washington ave miami beach fl 33139  the candle room  ayla  mehdi  jimmy and eduardo lesatova  kakau  sebastien  1 european house party for thr first time in the usa  friday 1  1 european house party  for the first time in the usa  1 podcast in the world  opening set by  open format  clem  julien  jonathan n  valentina  dag productions  ronnie b  josh perfit  keytar  dream nightclub 
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Front Body Copy 1.30.09 SEBASTIEN B.BENETT The #1 European house party for thr First time in the USA
Back Body Copy FRIDAY 1.30.09 DJ/Producer/Remixer SEBASTIEN B.BENETT The #1 European house party. For the First time in the USA #1 podcast in the world. France (Opening Set By HUGO M. (France) O (The Candle Room Dj ice cold (Open Format) Hosted By Ayla, Clem & Julien, Nico Jodin, Jonathan N, Valentina, DAG Productions, Mehdi, Kakau, Ronnie B., Josh Perfit, Jimmy and Eduardo Lesatova 1532 WASHINGTON AVE MIAMI BEACH FL 33139 RSVP 305.674.4444 | WWW.DREAMMIA.COM
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