8.5 x 11 inches


In order to make your print buying process as easy as possible, we offer a wide array of our most popular sizes as standard products.  In addition, we also provide you with the ability to create Custom Sizes in order to allow you full creative freedom.
A note on size:  we are a gang run printer which means that any flyer or postcard you purchase from needs to be cut out of a bigger sheet before we ship it to you. For example, if you order and submit a 4 x 6 Postcard, we will cut it out of a sheet and the end result will be a postcard that is roughly 3.875 x 5.875 inches. This is true of all of our sizes with the exception of Business Cards.  Business Cards actually trim true to size at 3.5 x 2 inches. If you are not clear on our cutting process please contact us at 800.433.9298 so that we can provide you with further information.


8.75 x 11.25 inches
215.9 x 279.4 millimeters
2550 x 3300 pixels





All products on are printed in the increments listed in the drop-down menu.  Please note that when changing quantity options, other options such as turnaround and coating may change back to default settings.

If you are interested in quantities greater than those shown, please fill out the Custom Quote Form and a customer service representative will provide you with pricing for your order.



100# Text Gloss


Brochures and posters are printed on our standard 100lb Text Gloss Stock or you can upgrade to our 11pt Thick Cardstock.

The 100# Text stock is better than the typical 80lb Text Gloss Stock most brochures and posters are printed on. We chose to go with a better text stock in order to produce your printed piece at a higher quality than most. The extra weight makes a big difference in the quality of your printed piece.  If you're looking for an even heavier stock, we offer an 11pt Thick Cardstock option which will give your finished product an even more solid look and feel.  If you are not clear on our stock options please contact us at 800.433.9298 so that we can provide you with further information.



1 Sided


By selecting Full Color Both Sides, this means that your piece will be printed on both sides in full color (photo quality CMYK printing).  99% of print orders are printed with the Full Color Both Sides option.  If you select Full Color Front and Blank Back, this means that only one side will be full color (photo quality CMYK printing) with the other side being white (no ink). Keep in mind that if you selected the UV Coating option your blank back side will still be UV Coated even if it contains no ink coverage. In rare cases, you may want to print the same image on both sides. This can be accomplished by selecting Same Image Both Sides.  If you are not clear on our color options please contact us at 800.433.9298 so that a customer service representative can provide you with further information.



No UV - Low Gloss


UV High Gloss

UV Coating is a high-gloss finish with a laminated feel and sleek appearance. It improves durability, making print less susceptible to smudging and abrasion.


No UV Low Gloss

Also known as No Coating, No UV Low Gloss still retains a slight gloss, and allows for writing directly on your print with pencil, pen or Inkjet printer.



Online Preview

Color Proof

Online Preview
99% of the jobs we run at are done with an Online Preview. We do an excellent job of getting colors as close as possible to your original We do an excellent job of getting colors as close as possible to your original artwork. You do not need a color proof unless it is extremely critical that your colors come out exactly as you wish.

Mailed Hard Copy
A note on color proofs: color is extremely subjective, if you waive your right to a color proof, we will match color to the best of our ability and will rely solely on our professional judgment. If your job is color critical you must request a Hardcopy Mailed Proof along with your order. The fee for the Hardcopy Mailed Proof includes FedEx overnight fees as well as the cost of the proof. Requesting a color proof will add at least 3 days to the turnaround time on your order.

If you are not clear on our proofing options please contact us at 800.433.9298 and a customer service representative can provide you with further information.



Upload Print Files


Either Upload your artwork at the end of the ordering process or we can design it for you. You are in great hands! We will come up with an eyecatching design that you are sure to love. Our design team will make the process stress free and go beyond your expectations.

If you have any questions about design, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-433-9298.


Printing Turnaround

5 Business Days


Our standard Turnaround Time policy is in by 8pm, out by 8pm. What this means is that your order will be ready to either ship out or pick-up by 8pm EST on the last business day of the printing turnaround time that you have selected. The process will begin once your artwork has been approved by our artwork department. Our Artwork Department is open Monday through Friday until 8pm EST. Below are some examples of our Turnaround Time policy. For a detailed look at our Turnaround visit our Turnaround and Shipping.

Below is our schedule of production. In order for your order to be considered PLACED TODAY, your order must be submitted and approved by our staff by 8pm EST Monday through Friday. Please take our schedule of production into consideration when selecting your shipping preference:


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